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Catch Brimstone and his co-hosts Zambo & Kim on their NEW Radio Show, ‘The Grindhouse Radio’ – Broadcast on Thursday nights at 7pm EST on Toxic Radio. Tune in by Clicking HERE (Click ‘LISTEN LIVE’ then choose METAL); or by finding Toxic Radio on TuneIn.

SWEET NEWS!!! Brimstone’s Candy Line is AVAILABLE NOW at events… pick up your fix of Wasteland Sand, Forza Infernis & Grub Munchies COMING SOON to the Hound Comics Store!

OMG!!! Brand NEW Ultra Hot Sauce NOW AVAILABLE!!! Get yourself a 6 Million Scoville burn with Brimstone’s Necrocide… Pure death in a teeny tiny bottle! Get it HERE

Couldn't listen LIVE? Catch Brimstone as the special guest on the 'I Sell Comics' SMODcast Issue #180 with AMC's Comic Book Men, Ming Chen & Michael Zapcic by clicking HERE. You can also catch his last appearance on Issue #109 by clicking HERE.

Did you get YOUR EXCLUSIVE Sith-Brimstone Trading Card from the Empire Saber Guild of New York?  Want to get your hands on one? Find Brimstone or the ESG at an upcoming event, make any sized donation to the St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital and receive ONE SIGNED FREE!

The Business of Entertainment: INTERVIEW with Brimstone.

Brimstone CEO of Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) INTERVIEW!

NBC News Cause Celeb Article, ‘Comic Book Guru, Brimstone, Wants YOU To Be The Change You Want To See!!!!’

Catch Brimstone’s return to Trash Talking Radio with Mike Trash from 7/7/15 HERE; and for an archived appearance from 9/24/13 - Click HERE

LIB interview with Brimstone at Eternal Con HERE.

On the Spot - News 12 LI featuring Brimstone - INTERVIEW.

Brimstone INTERVIEW with Toy Masters at ETERNAL CON 2015.

Brimstone talks with the boys over at Paradelphia Radio: Supernatural Heroes, Ep. 65.

Canned Air #72 ‘Breaking Bread with Brimstone.’

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #171 With Brimstone.

‘Get a 3-D printed ‘Mini Me’ selfie at this Alhambra business’ referencing Brimstone.

Project Nerd Reviews ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ (1-9) HERE, Necrocide HERE, Critical M.A.S.S. HERE, and Luscious: Riker’s Island HHERE

The Slack Jaw Punks review ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ 5/6/15 HEREE; and 4/1/155 HEREE...

For some Brimstone love from Getty Images taken at United Ink Tattoo Show in NYC 3/22/15 – Click HERE!!

Have you seen this fun Review of the ‘Brimstone: Necrocide’ comic by Haunting Tv? You need check this out HERE…… well worth the watch!!!

Here’s a throwback from 2012… a Review from Indie ComiX of the Brimstone: Necrocide comic! Check it out by clicking HERE.

Brimstone joins his pal Chef Rob Burmeister (Chopped/Cut Throat Kitchen) on ‘Chewing the Fat with Big & Beefy’ from 6/22/15… Listen HERE.

Brimstone returned to the Sissy Gamanche Show on MNN Network in New York City on 7/10/15 to discuss his products and career. Watch the show in segments as follows: Segment OneSegment TwoSSegment Three

Brimstone visits, ‘It Came From The Radio’ on WGBB 1240AM on 6/28/15. Listen to the show HERE..

Brimstone returned to The Cutting Room Floor Podcast with Casey Ryan on 7/19/15 – Listen HHERE

Brimstone on Madhousetv – The Film Makers Show with Jerry Parisi 7/16/15 – Watch HERE..

Geeks with Wives Comics Podcast 94, ‘We get metal with Brimstone!’ from 5/28/15 – Listen & Watch HERE..

Here’s a throwback Review of ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ Issues #1-4 from the Geeks of Doom… Check it out HERE.

Check out Brimstone's INTERVIEW with his good friend Rob Rush at The Shark 94.3 FM promoting his appearance at Eternal Con.

Brimstone visits his good friend Fingers at Long Island's own 102.3 WBAB to discuss his appearance at Eternal Con 2014. Check it out HERE!

We are very proud to announce that Brimstone and Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) have won the 2014 Rulebreaker Award!!!

A HUGE 'Domo Arigato' goes out to Brim's fans in Asia. Brimstone's Official Verified Tencent account has reached over 100k fans!!! Brimstone says, '私はあなたのすべてを愛し、真の支援に感謝'

Check out this throwback podcast interview with Brimstone on 'Darby on the Downlow' with host Shawn Darby HERE.

Have you read this throwback interview with Brim for AJ DiChiara for The Examiner?  Read it HERE "The trick is to keep it all in perspective, never take yourself ‘too’ seriously and make sure to stop and smell the roses once in awhile so you don’t burn yourself out!" ~Brimstone

Watch this recent clip from Brimstone's appearance on FOX43 Central Pennsylvania promoting the 2014 Central PA Comic Con HERE!

Always give back! Brim urges YOU to help those in need... Read about the Candlelight Vigil for the Homeless that he was involved with HERE.  Show your support to the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless by clicking HERE.

'Shooting with Brimstone'
Check out the NEW shoot interview with Brim for 'Take it Deep' with Host Tyger Smith HERE.

Congrats to our friends at Super Hero Speak who've just completed their first year on the air! Brim was featured in their 1st Birthday Compilation Special that can be heard HERE.

Brimstone was Minion-ized by the King of the 'Despicable MeMinions known as Soegimitro – not once; but TWICE!!! It is an honor and a privilege to be among the legions of celebrities who have been transformed into the loveable yellow creatures. Check out the piece below and make sure to FOLLOW Soegimitro in Instagram.

For those of you who may not be following Lil' Brim on social media... he recently visited real Brim's friend, Stan Lee - The Generalismo himself at POW! Entertainment HQ in LA. The two best quotes were, "You just won the internet" and "That's better than being blessed by the Pope" - thanks for the support! #gotBrim

Article 'The First Comic Book Printed in 3D' by Priximprimante3D.com concerning the groundbreaking FIRST EVER 3D Comic Book Cover by CoKreeate, Brimstone & Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group).  Read the article in its original format HERE (French) or Translated to English HERE.

Article 'Cover in 3D' by BlockBoek.com concerning the 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Limited Edition 3D Cover by CoKreeate & Hound Comics.  Read in its original format HERE (German) or Translated to English HERE.

Article, 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds The First Comic with a 3D Printed Cover' by Les Imprimantes 3D France.  Read in its original format HERE (French) or Translated to English HERE.

Article, '3D Printing Used to Create the Coolest Comic Book Cover Ever' by Sebastian Pop of Softpedia. Read this article HERE.

Fantastic article, 'CoKreeate's Cool 3D Printed Comic Book Cover' by Scott J. Grunewald on the most well respected 3D Industry website in America - 3D Printing Industry. Read the article HERE.

Article, 'Des couvertures de comic books imprimés en 3D' by MonUnivers3D.  Read in its original format HERE (French) or Translated to English HERE.

Check out some Red Carpet footage from Stan Lee's 'Artists Assemble' event which includes a cameo by the Brimstone YO! Doll & Hound Comics' own Chris Notarile. View on the Official Stan Lee website HERE or via YouTube HERE.

Grab YOUR wings and fly... Brimstone is proud to announce that he is now endorsed by the Worldwide Feather Tribe!  Check out their amazing hand carved and intricately made jewelry on Etsy by clicking HERE.

Badassery at its finest!  Available shortly from Dragon Song Forge... the Brimstone Sword!  This gorgeous custom made weapon by the master forgers at Dragon Song have designed this Main Man From the Wasteland's sword that will be featured in the 'Brimstone and the Borderhounds' comic book series. Replicas will be available for fans of the blade to own themselves. Stay Tuned for more information on how to order your very own! ...Michael Rooker liked it a lot!

Brimstone is proud to announce that he is now endorsed by INOX Jewelry!  Make sure to visit them online HERE and request INOX pieces at your local retailer... some of the coolest and most unique pieces of metal jewelry on the market!

You asked for it, you got it!  The Brimstone collectable toys will be available around summertime via 3 Coconut Monkey, the guys responsible for the YO! Dolls and soon to be released Stan Lee figures.  First to be launched will be the NEW Brimstone & Luscious plush dolls (Estimated soft release in March), then July for the Brimstone & Luscious miniatures and shortly after for the collectable 3" Brimstone!  Stay Tuned for progress photos and more information.

Hound Comics, Inc. is one of the featured publishers on the coveted ComiXology! You can now add, 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' to your digital collection by downloading YOUR copies by clicking HERE!

Check out this awesome gift Brim received from the artist known as RAK in New Orleans!  It is an honor to see RAK's interpretation of the Brimstone character!

AWESOME piece of Brimstone fan art by artist Charlie Donkin!  Make sure to check him out HERE and be sure to LIKE him on Facebook HERE.  Keep an eye out for this upcoming talent from Portland!

ZOMBIES?!?  Here is a peek at some fantastic Brimstone fan art by one of the COOLEST zombie-artists out there, Ryan Browne (Zombie Petz).  Make sure to visit him online HERE and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Join the Pack...!!! The 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Eastsport Backpacks are now available at WalMart.com!!!  All three styles available: Strap Backpack * Standard Backpack * Sling Bag

Brimstone will be a playable Elite Card within the 'Pirates of Neverland' Deck of the Alice of Wonderland Trading Card Game.  Find out more information by visiting their official website HERE.

Watch Brimstone and Zachary (TBS's King of the Nerds) on Nerd Chat from 2/20/14 HERE.

Hound Comics, Inc. and CoKreeate have apparently made history with the first EVER 3D Printed Comic Book cover!  The 3D sandstone version of the 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Issue #9 cover will be made available EXCLUSIVELY by CoKreeate.  Read the Article at 3DPrint.com HERE.

Listen to Brimstone's Interview with Lydia Aswolf on Lydia's Literary Lowdown from 2/22/14 HERE.

Did you get YOUR copy of the EXCLUSIVE print by Hound Comics' artist Sajad Shah at Wizard World New Orleans pitting Brimstone against Captain America and Hellboy in an epic battle!

Who's Your Daddy!!!  Did you get YOUR copy of the EXCLUSIVE print by Hound Comics' artist Ozzie Martin at Wizard World Portland pitting Brimstone against The Incredible Hulk in an epic arm wrestling match?

We are pleased to announce that the Brimstone fragrances, BURN for for Him and Her are available nationally and internationally for purchase from the incredible Demeter Fragrances! Get your BURN on today…!!!

Superheroes Take Over Victoria... Countdown to Victoria Comic Con... Victoria Comic Con a Huge Success... just a little bit of the press that Brimstone was involved with while making his appearance in Victoria, Texas at the inaugural Victoria Comic Con.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER of Brimstone and The Borderhounds Issue #9 - This LIMITED EDITION variant cover (painted by world renowned artist Rob Prior) is only available exclusively at Brimstone appearances, the Hound Entertainment Retail Showroom and through the Stan Lee Foundation at special events throughout the United States with a donation towards the Foundation!!!

Listen in to this special tribute for the late Scott Epstein featuring Jimmy Valiant, Lanny "The Genius" Poffo, Brimstone and more on Evan Ginzburg's Legends Radio (co-hosted by Dr. Mike Lano) HERE.

Catch Brimstone's appearance on the Zero Facts Given podcast from 1/14/14 HERE.

3D Printing Company Co-Kreeate did a 3D scan of Brimstone at LA's Comikaze Expo... check out the incredible results! The miniature Brim is an exact replica right down to the rings on his fingers... believe it or not! If you are seeking a unique gift for someone special - look no further; Co-Kreeate comes highly recommended by the Main Man from the Wasteland himself!

Who doesn't love getting cool stuff? Brimstone loves... well himself - in this statue designed by sculptor Derrick Eason. At 13" tall, this original piece done by Eason comes complete with glow-in-the-dark eyes! Make sure you check out his other work and give his page a LIKE.

Check out this AWESOME Brimstone fan art by artist Chadwick Haverland done on a 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds' Sketch Cover Variant! Make sure to check out his website HERE and LIKE him on Facebook HERE.

Anime lovers... Check out this killer Brimstone fan art by artist Rebecca Friedman aka Zanny Lane! Make sure to check her out her website Graphic Anime HERE and see the full sized pic on her DeviantArt HERE.

Brimstone was among the special celebrity guests at the highly anticipated Grand Opening of Fogo De Chao NYC on December 19th, 2013. Fogo De Chao NYC is located at 40 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019 and reservations are currently being taken HERE. Fogo is a 5-Star Churrascaria (Brazilian Steakhouse) chain that has spawned over a dozen amazing dining experiences across the United States and Brazil! Want to SEE more? Check out the Food Hound review videos from Austin, TX and Indianapolis, IN.

Who in the world is unfamiliar with About.com? Well they caught up with Brimstone in Portland, Oregon earlier in 2013 and you can read the interview HERE. You can also see their overview of Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) HERE.

Check out a NEW interview with Brimstone for Geek Sushi from Wizard World Austin HERE.

Catch an EXCLUSIVE homecoming interview with Brimstone by Todd Silver of Sling Ping at Whoville Bar & Grill, Bethpage New York. Watch the video HERE

Watch a NEW Interview with Brimstone via the Toxic Network from the Great Allentown Comic Con 2013 HERE.  Don't play it safe - Play it Toxic!

Check out footage via Bring the Wing from the Inaugural 'LI Buffalo Wing Festival' that was hosted by Brimstone at the Nutty Irishman on Sunday, August 25th, 2013 HERE. You can also read about the event on their website HERE.

NEW 'On the Beat' Interview with Brimstone with John Wroblewski for Johngy's Beat from Wizard World Chicago 2013!  Watch it by clicking HERE.

Did you get your hands on a LIMITED EDITION print of Brimstone vs. Lobo vs. Deadpool called "Keep Austin Weird" at Wizard World Austin by Hound artist Jay Reed (Style Universal)?  All purchases went to the Stan Lee Foundation to promote literacy in children.

Got Kids? Make sure to pick up books from the Hound Kids Border-Pups Collection! CrashBat and Super Space Sherriff's are written by author Courtney Freeman and bridge the gap between Borderhound fans and their children! Make sure to watch for special reading dates and locations.

Brimstone and artist, Christopher Avalos... better known as 'Evilos' teamed up to create a custom ONE OF A KIND vinyl Brimstone YO! for Stan Lee, Little House Designs & The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The piece was successfully auctioned off via eBay and is on its way to a happy new home! A HUGE thank you goes out to the fans who bid on the item - much appreciated!

Listen to the Brimstone Interview on the Metal Geeks Podcast: Episode 29 Brimstone Geekery HERE

Lehigh Valley's News: The Morning Call - Pop Culture Rules at the Great Allentown Comic Con; Article from November 13, 2013 featuring Hound Comics... READ IT HERE!

Did you get YOUR EXCLUSIVE Brimstone Trading Card from the Great Allentown Comic Con?  Weren't able to make it down to Pennsylvania; but want to get your hands on one? Follow Brimstone on his FACEBOOK page and watch for ways to WIN ONE SIGNED FREE!

Check out the NEW Interview with Brimstone from Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Texas with Punching the Walls of Reality.  Tune in HERE.

Proud to announce that Brimstone's Sweet Heat Treat and Drizzle both recently won 1st Place Awards in New Orleans at the Chile Pepper Awards run by Chile Pepper Magazine.  This makes over TEN Awards won collectively by the Hound Entertainment lines of sauces & seasonings since launching on January 15, 2013.

You may have seen the likes of other celebs such as Michael RookerRay ParkRVDNicholas Brendon and LeeAnna Vamp among countless others - chomping down on delicious Brimstone/ButterWinks Cookies while at conventions across the country... You want one for yourself?  Visit Brimstone at his appearances and ask to be Brimstone ButterWinked and you'll receive a FREE Brimstone Cookie!!! (**Limited number of cookies at each event - Free cookies only while supplies last per event - One per family**)

Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) is proud to announce that Brimstone and The Borderhounds products are currently being utilized on the set of the Emmy Award Winning series, "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 & Season 8 on CBS! Episodes thus far include Episode 4: The Raiders Minimization & Episode 5: The Workplace Proximity. Currently, the Brimstone (Eastsport) backpack, Brimstone: Sweet Heat Treat, Brimstone's Hell Dust and Food Hound: Tidbits - Flavor Behavior are all featured in Raj Koothrappali's apartment.  Keep an eye out for the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book covers as posters in the comic shop in later episodes.

Brimstone is featured in the November 2013 Edition of Maxim Magazine in an article by writer Steve Leckart titled, "Eat Hot Death".  Missed the issue? Read the article online HERE.

Sign the Petition!!!  Brim isn't the only person who wants him to play the game of The Celebrity Apprentice.  Now you can join in the campaign to try and get Brimstone on the show to compete for his charity of choice - The Stan Lee Foundation.  It's easy... just sign the online form HERE and help spread the word!!!

Brimstone has just been accepted and set-up on the Celebrity Social Media site WhoSay.com - Make sure to go FOLLOW your Main Man from the Wasteland HERE.

Catch Brimstone's appearances on Nerd Herders Radio with Damian Dragon & Foxy Foxxy as they discuss everything geek. Brimstone appears in Episode 25 & Episode 52.

Brimstone Interview with the Super Hero Speak Podcast from 9/18/13 - Click HERE

Catch Brimstone on the Chimichanga Talk Podcast from 9/25/13 – Click HERE

Brimstone inked a licensing deal with Serenity Custom Drums in the UK for Brimstone based Snare Drums! More details as they become available.

LIKE ZOMBIES? Brimstone has been recruited by the Zombie Survival Crew alongside Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and more! Make sure to visit them and prepare for the apocalypse HERE.

Check out Brimstone's recent interview with the Brothers Bear Podcast from 6/6/15 when it becomes available; but in the meantime – here are some archived appearances including: LIVE from Comikaze 2014 in LA HERE; and from their show on October 7th, 2013 HERE.

Hound Comics, Inc. has officially signed with Troll Lord Games and will be releasing a Brimstone and The Borderhounds RPG (table top role playing game) under the extremely successful Castles & Crusades brand. More details as they become available.

Darby Customs to re-create the Brimstone motorcycle from the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book series to be auctioned off for two child related charities (Stan Lee Foundation and RAAC)). More details as they become available.

Here’s a throwback Interview with Brimstone and the original creators of the ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’ series on ComicMonsters.com… Read it HERE!

Another throwback to the book that launched Hound Comics, Inc., ‘Brimstone and The Borderhounds’, Issue #1 Review by The Broken Infinite – Read it HERE.


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