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A HUGE hello to all my Borderhounds out there! As usual, I've been bad with keeping up on adding new BrimBLOG's on a daily basis... I've just been extremely busy and I like them to be as perfect and informative as humanly possible! That being said; I think I need to just either write when I can - or just blurb when it comes to mind lol. So first off I'll give a nod to a bunch of the events that have kept me on the road forever and a day... Comikaze Expo was fantastic - hands down! I had the opportunity to connect with a few amazing companies who I am currently doing partnership and licensing deals with (including 3 Coconut Monkey & CoKreeate) - as well as befriended some incredible people including Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen and Robert Bruce (AMC's Comic Book Men) to which I have since been a guest on their SMODcast (Listen HERE), Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead) and others. The event also offered me the time to catch up and spend time with a bunch of friends including but not limited to Ryan Dawson (Stan Lee Foundation), Stan Lee, Sebastian Bach, Lou Ferrigno, Rob Van Dam, LeeAnna Vamp and of course my brutha Michael Rooker and his lovely agent (my pal and mastermind of the ZSC) Juliette Terzieff. The BEST part of the LA tour dates (aside from the fans of course), was that I became privvy to world of SECRET MENUS!!! Hell YES... I LOVE it! The fact that I not only do what I do; but I'm also heavily involved in the food industry now as well... I would have thought that I'd have heard of this phenomenon prior to this; however leave it to LA to teach an old dog a new trick! I certainly suggest that you all go take a look at a few sites that can give you a head start on the path of secret menu ordering - one of my personal favorites is Starbucks Secret Menu (for the Starbucks lovers out there). Moving along... The Great Allentown Comic Con in Pennsylvania is always one of my favorite events to attend. Not only do I get to see a lot of my fans from PA at this event; but I personally appreciate the extra-special care the promoter, Christopher Wertz takes of ole' Brim, Hound Comics and all of his other guests! I was glad I got to catch up with Taimak (The Last Dragon) who I had not seen in quite some time; and my buddy Walter E. Jones (Power Rangers) with whom I had connected with a couple months prior in Texas. I was humbled at being one of the EXCLUSIVE GACC Trading Cards that were handed out to the fans during the show - I was able to shanghai a few extra; so if anyone is interested in grabbing one, I'll be randomly giving away signed cards on my Official Facebook page HERE!!! Monster-Con is a fantastic show that is looking to continue to grow a little at a time. They are based in San Antonio at the Wonderland of the Americas Mall and run by a handful of sweet and kick-ass ladies! It was a pleasure to be one of their guests and I'm looking forward to joining them again for 2014.


Wizard World... Wizard, Wizard, Wizard... (lol) - I am on a large portion of their tour and have been for quite some time! Wizard Austin was great - I signed for the Stan Lee Foundation and had such an amazing time doing so. Caught up with young Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead) and Brimstone Butterwink'd him (lol) as well as ultra-awesome artist - my friend Jamie Tyndall (SO upset I missed you Marilyn!) and agent/promoter Zach McGinnis. Made a couple of great new friends including artist Rob Prior (who did an INCREDIBLE rendition of me that you can view in the NEWS section of my website - ...up to the right if you are already here!) and the good people at Circle Cam 360 - who have a really cool attraction that has joined the Wizard tour (Check out one of mine HERE). Of course every time I'm in Austin I need to stop in to see my friends at Fogo De Chao... it is an absolute given! Haha, I actually dined there three times over the five days I was in town... it's just too damn amazing for me to pass up. While there, I was presented with a limited edition Fogo Gaucho Knife made specifically for longtime employees of their Churrascarias. Not only was the knife absolutely gorgeous; but I was SO incredibly humbled by this gesture - LOVE them there! I had to bring Rooker and Juliette out to experience Fogo (since I am always rambling about it while we are together) as well as Sajad Shah (Hound Comics VP) and Marat Mychaels (Deadpool/Deadpooh - lol) who'd been waiting to go with me; so I invited our crews to dine at the BEST Brazilian restaurant in existance. It was EPIC - 'Nuff said. Speaking of Fogo De Chao... I was asked to do the Grand Opening of their NYC location to which was incredible!!! It turned out to be one of the best dining experiences I've had in the New York City area and I highly recommend giving them a shot if you are going to be in or around Manhattan (they are located at 40 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019). I think the coolest thing was that I was able to share the experience with my wife and kids who enjoyed the true indulgement of Brazilian BBQ. Back to Wizard, Portland's event was a lot of fun as I was able to reconnect with Sara Richard, Edgar Pasten (3 Coconut Monkey), Tony Vela and a couple of my Hounds Troy 'DONT' Zurel (Alice of Wonderland), Marquez McCargo and John Pross (Posers). I enjoyed my catch-up hangtime with my favorite Syth LordRay Park and my favorite giant... the Wookiee & Wifey - Peter and Angie Mayhew (LOVE me some Angie time always!). Quick hello's and banter with Stan (Lee), Elvira, Humberto Ramos (Spiderman), Cory Smith and a ton of others I hadn't seen in awhile. I was grateful to my new friends and lifesavers for the weekend Rae Rae and Heather - who went above and beyond to cart ole' Brim around and help me out on the show floor. Rae is my key to Voodoo Donuts while I am not in Portlandia (I am currently awaiting my delivery girlie!). Although he was under the weather most of the weekend, I finally caught up with my boy Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and his lovely agent - the awesome Jacqui Day after hours (no worries... we'll karaoke together another time my friends!). I also finalized licensing deals with 3 Coconut Monkey for Brimstone vinyls and plush dolls and Dragon Song Forge for Brimstone Swords (Oh yes... swords - and they are insane). Another one of my other favorite events took place in one of my favorite cities - New Orleans. Wizard NOLA is always as fun as a barrel of monkeys (lol). I finally had the time to catch up with Norman Reedus (who is always beyond swamped), Steven Yeun (who I met doing Alamo City Con) and Ivy Doomkitty. I had a bunch of visitors over the course of the weekend including Dean Cain (Superman) and C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders) which caused quite a stir (lol). Rob from Dragon Song presented me with the custom Brimstone sword (which was completely unexpected) - it is incredible... and VERY sharp! I can't wait to get these out on the market as it is a simply amazing blade. Glad to have spent a lot of time with Rooker, Juliette and the ZSCrew while in the Big Easy as its tough to be away from my family while touring; these people make a jagged little pill just a wee-bit easier to swallow. I did however also have my Hound fam Sajad, Kim Crockett, my assistants Katrina & Cynthia, Troy, Pross, Ryan Dawson (SLF) and Jeanie LS (Reverence) - so of course it was party time! Needless to say, I slept very little for the four days I was in town (lol). I escorted the ZSC girls to the filth of Bourbon Street (I say filth with love... lol) where we witnessed some of the BEST live and unscripted reality EVER! To cap off the weekend, I joined Rooker and the crew for a dinner at Emeril's restaurant - to which was exquisite. Great food and great company... haha, except when Lil' Brim got his ass handed to him by Mike (**I didn't mention it earlier; but while I was at ComikazeCoKreeate digitally scanned me a made a 3D Printed replica of me... IE: Lil' Brim - with whom I've been snapping pictures of in different situations all over the country since receiving him.**). Good times.


Another of my favorite events was the Victoria Comic Con in Victoria, Texas where Kevin Nash and I were the featured guests. What an amazing turn out for a first year event - Bryon Hohns (the promoter) really went above and beyond to make sure that myself and Nash were very well taken care of during our stay. I was glad to have some of my Hounds, Dan Price and Bonne Adame (Masters of the Obvious) with me too... for those of you who don't know him already - Dan Price is hysterical. Anyway, it was another great weekend in good ole' Texas! Other fun events I've been a part of since I've written last are the Grand Opening of NYC Harley Davidson which was a ton of fun; and Georgi Vodka's Santa Costume Contest at Traffic Bar in NYC. SO many other things have gone on and happened; but I just can't ramble about everything... I would just keep droning on (longer than I already have) and that would just be boring! I would however like to mention a few things that are going on in the upcoming weeks... My NEW Fragrance Collection for Him & Her will be launching with Demeter Fragrances (SO COOL) and will be called, 'BURN by Brimstone'. I've been waiting to do this for quite some time now; I can actually cross it off my bucket list along with my CaJohn's Sauces & Seasonings! I will be coming home this weekend for Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace (Saturday ONLY!!!) taking place at the New Yorker in Manhattan - so hope you'll all come out and hang with me! If you didn't already know - a bunch of Brimstone branded merch is featured on the Big Bang Theory including my backpacks which are now being sold on HERE!!! Also, I'm looking for growth on my Social Media - so please shoot me a LIKE on Facebook and FOLLOW me on Twitter - it would be appreciated! Thanks again for your support... ALL of you! See you in your neck of the woods soon...


**If you'd like to see photos from the events above... please consider following me on Instagram HERE.

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