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Brimstone Set-up

It has been an extremely busy last month or so for your Main Man from the Wasteland my Borderhounds! Right off the bat, I'd like to again thank all of my amazing fans who support everything Brimstone... I appreciate every last one of you. I absolutely adore having the opportunity to meet the fans while out on tour - it truly gives me all the feels. Until you've had the opportunity to meet people who have followed your career over the years, some shaking - some crying - some who consider you their hero... it is inexplicably humbling. Even though one of my motto's is, 'Aspire to Inspire' - you never really know who you are inspiring; or who's life you're impacting. SO... now that I've completed my rant - I'll tell you a little...well, a lot about the last couple months in a nutshell. 

Brim in Fathom & LI Snapback

There have been a chock full 'o events that I've had the pleasure of being a part of, starting with the United Ink Tattoo Festival. I absolutely love the promoters, Jackie and Lou Rubino - also the people responsible for World Famous, Tattoo Lou's. I was scheduled to sign there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; however - I was double booked on Saturday for a really cool first year event, Newark Comic Con. So the weekend was obviously going to be a hectic one. It was fantastic to see a lot of familiar faces at United Ink, it is truly a sight to be had in general; but as always - a warm sentiment of feeling like you're at home goes a long way. I had the opportunity to hook up with some kick-ass companies in terms of repping their gear including Rel3ntless, LI City Snapbacks and Fathom Clothing - always a positive to link up with positive and hungry people with focus and determination! As mentioned earlier, I had to head out to Newark, New Jersey for the inaugural, Newark Comic Con. So I shot out late on Friday night as so I would be fresh on Saturday morning. It was a very fun show to be a part of and allowed me the opportunity to catch up with some old friends including the Legendary Rocky Johnson, Taimak (The Last Dragon), Jeryl Prescott (The Walking Dead) and Michael Wright (Oz) - as well as connect with a few new awesome people including Steve Coulter (The Walking Dead/Insidious), Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite), Kevin Duhaney & Jeff Parazzo (Power Rangers Dino Thunder). Best part was not only was it was a packed event; but I got to catch up and spend quality time with one of my ZSC Entertainment sisters, Lora Lapont!  Good times... good times... 

Brimstone & Steve Coulter

(For more pics from the above events, please visit my Official Instagram HERE)

 UCPN Event

I had a great time working with my friends at the UCP of Nassau County for their Taste of the Town event. It was a beautifully put together event and raised a huge amount of money for the charity. There were SO many delicious delicacies for the attendees to sample - it was like Nirvana for the belly... I left the event stuffed!!! Always a pleasure working with the UCPN. 

Brimstone, Nicholas Brendon, Rochelle Davis, Brian O' Halloran & Scott Sciaffo

Oh man... SO. What a showing at Vermont Comic-Con this year! It was simply outstanding - not only did I have a GREAT time with my fans; but I had the opportunity to spend quality time with some good friends as well. It isn't every day that I get to hang with my peoples, so I was psyched to get some quality hang time with my boys Brian O'Halloran & Scott Schiaffo (Clerks), Nicholas Brendon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and my ZSC Entertainment gal-pal Sarah Q! I made a new friend with my neighbor, the lovely Rochelle Davis (The Crow) - an absolute pleasure! You can catch some great pics of us and our adventures on my Official Instagram; as well as a really killer video of O'Halloran and yours truly dominating the stage at the Karaoke after party that you can find HERE. Oh yeah... The Piano Man was a blaze at Zen Lounge with your, 'Main Man from the Wasteland' and the guy who wasn't even supposed to be there! I enjoyed sharing memories with an old friend, Bob Camp (Ren & Stimpy Show) - whom I finally had the opportunity to remind of the first time we met. It was a long time ago... at a college - far... far... away... lol. Reminiscing with Bob was fantastic as he had been one of the people who offered advice that helped shape my career. I wanted to say thank you and kudos to VCC for the welcome bag-sket that was left in my room with a wide array of items that offered me a unique taste of Vermont! One of the best goodies in the bag was a cookie like no other... my tastebuds did a tango the moment I took my first bite! Vermont Maple Cookies by Sweet Crunch Bakeshop were the bomb-diggity... seriously - you need to go get yourself some and enjoy the uber-deliciousness that these bad boys offer. Another awesome discovery was that of the Yogibo... oh yes... this thing is the definition of comfortable! I urge you all... if you have the chance to try one out for yourself - DO IT. You can always take my word for it and pick one up for yourself, believe me - you will certainly thank me prefusely once you do! My friends at Yogibo hooked me up with one of their Yogibo Max's and my home has never been the same... again, absolutely incredible. Another highlight of the weekend was the beginning of my selfie war with my brutha from another mother... Michael Rooker. If you haven't been in on this - you are missing out lol. It happened by chance... or by my pushing... hahaha! I decided to take a super-selfie with fans and challenge Rooker and JDF to a fan-selfie battle. While JDF didn't join in - Rooker of course responded in kind with a great shot with fans from wherever he was at the time. I then retaliated yet again with another bad-ass shot. I was most certainly in the lead until Rooker took part in the super-selfie at the Walking Dead Fan Premiere that took place at Madison Square Garden during the weekend of New York Comic Con. NOW - he claimed that there were 20k attendees... Chris (Hardwick) said about 15k... and then recently in, I believe People Magazine - they said it was 12k... (still a LOT of people); however - it didn't count because I was in attendance as well! HA!

Rooker vs Brimstone Selfie War

(For more pics from the above events, please visit my Official Instagram HERE)

Speaking of The Walking Dead Premiere... it was incredible. The energy in the arena was intense and I was thrilled to have been invited. Never before has an event such as that happened in such a large venue with such an amazing show... and for FREE!!! Big applause to AMC for bringing it in MEGA proportions. Not only was the event bad-ass; but the episode itself was intense and quite possibly one of, if not - the best episode in the entire series. I'm still blown away that after six seasons of the show, they are still coming up with new things that we still haven't seen - including the Walkers themselves. Anyway, the weekend of the premiere was also the weekend that I was yet again signing at NYCC 2015. This year, I signed with AlgoCrunch - the company who is working on the Brimstone and The Borderhounds: Wasteland Wars App (a cool video game for your mobile devices #BOOM). As always - NYCC brought the crowds and high profile media that you would expect from our friends at Reed Pop... three football fields worth of pop culture shenanigans that each year causes the general public, geeks and nerds alike to succumb to HOLYS#!T OVERLOAD. I was pleased to meet and greet with so many fans who came out to see me and Beta Test my new game! We received SO much awesome feedback and can't wait for the app to be completed and bestowed upon the masses lol... no really - it is pretty addictive and I'm stoked!

Wasteland Wars

My AlgoCrunch family was awesome to hang out with and we seriously had a blast at the booth... a matter of fact - the gang over at Yogibo actually hooked me up with a couple of their Max's to sit in while signing and it made SO much of a difference! I caught up with my friends at Loot Crate (Remember... SAVE 10% off your ENTIRE SUBSCRIPTION - CLICK HERE and enter the CODE: BRIMSTONE) who hooked me up with a couple of their Exclusive NYCC CREEPY Crates, Yogibo blessed me with one of their Caterpillar Rolls to add to my comfort collection and a delicious display of cookies from my friends over at Einhorns Epic Cookies (with whom I'll be doing a crossover with in the near future - so keep your eyes peeled!). I could go on forever talking about Comic Con; but I'm sure you can imagine how insane it is... was... always has been. One highlight that I have to mention, is the Jurassic World display that I had the pleasure of visiting. What a cool set-up they had, dinosaur and all... yeah - they had a dinosaur! Lucky enough, Getty Photog Daniel Zuchnik was on hand to catch me playing with cute little... errrr... BIG lizard!!! Can't wait until next year. On the Sunday - I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife Danielle rather than work the event... some things are just more sacred!

Brimstone and the Dinosaur 

(For more pics from the above events, please visit my Official Instagram HERE)

Now, people who have followed me for quite some time will know that my oldest daughter is obsessed with Demi Lovato. I am not quite sure how that happened; but alas... it did. Hahaha... Demi is actually a great performer - I just will never 'get' the whole teen girl obsessions. Anyhow, I have been trying for years to link up with her people in order to make something happen (I'd like to be considered the coolest dad in the multi-verse); however - she is harder to connect with than the Pope himself! Actually, the Pope may even be easier. I finally had the opportunity to make it happen for her recently while home from touring for a whole two minutes at Looney Tunes Cd's on Long Island. My daughter was thrilled to say the least and it was an interesting experience for me to witness the power Lovato has with her fanbase. Funny enough, when it came time to usher my family in to meet with her - I was too busy being greeted myself by the record company execs, store owner and a couple other people who somehow knew who I was - that I didn't even meet the girl LOL... for real - we were in a photo with each other and I didn't even have the opportunity to lay eyes on her. Crazy... very amusing though. Thank you to my buddy Fingers from Long Island's own WBAB for setting me up with the right people... FINALLY!

The Brimstone's Meet Demi Lovato 

I made my return to the Forest of Fear this year for a fang-tastic weekend with some longtime friends. For those of you who are not aware, the Forest of Fear is one of the top ten haunts in the country and is located directly across from the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, New York. Last year the schedules did not vibe and it was my first year away - so it felt good to be back home with my ghouls! To make it even more of a special occasion, I was joined by my little bro Mr. Wish who hasn't been on the road with me in quite some time... it was great! Over the weekend, I figured it was about time to stir up the selfie war again... so I made my way up an 18' ladder to take a super-selfie with a couple thousand of my closest fiends. It was nuts... I know; but it had to be done!

Forest of Fear Brimstone Super-Selfie

So after I posted the pic... I saw something that caught my eye. Rooker was literally only thirty minutes away from me signing at Chiller Theatre the same weekend! I somehow got the dates confused and didn't realize that the event was taking place so close. I rarely go to events unless I'm signing at them... I really see no reason in it; however I couldn't not go see friends who were so close by; so I shot a call over and passes were left for me to come visit. I was thrilled to see my boy Rooker and my gal-pal Juliette (Fearless Leader of ZSC Entertainment)... it had been awhile since we'd seen each other last - which I think was Atlantic City? I made my rounds catching up with a bunch of friends including Chyna & Greg Valentine (WWE Legends), Alan Robert (Life of Agony), Bobby Steele (The Misfits) and another close agent friend of mine, Tony Vela. Glad I took the time to shoot over and show some love before closing out my weekend at the Fear.

 Rooker and Brimstone

Now, I returned home on Sunday late night and on Monday evening - I had my appearance for the March of Dimes' event , the Signature Chef's Auction. Another beautifully done event with a wide variety of food to sample. It was a pleasure to lend my name to the evening and to sign autographs for the attendees. Made a couple of new friends in Chef Jonathan Scinto (Master Chef) and the littlest Chef AJ (Master Chef Jr.).

 Brimstone & The Master Chefs

Most importantly... I had the opportunity to spend the night out with my gorgeous wife... WIN WIN.

The Brimstone's

Again... for more pics from the above events, please visit my Official Instagram HERE.

Thanks again for reading... looking forward to catching YOU on the road soon! Please let your local promoters know if you'd like to see me at your local event... See ya soon. - Brim

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