Wow... It's August already?!? My Birthday Month!!!

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Published on August 3rd, 2015 @ 06:20:00 am , using 737 words, 8 views
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Brimstone #VannaWhite

Welcome to AUGUST Borderhounds!!! My birthday month (ugh... 41); so I'm thinking for my birthday - I'd like to cross off a couple of things from my bucket-list that I have still yet to accomplish! I know... I know... it's only 31 days and we're already 3 days in; but I think I can do it. No... I KNOW I can do it! So I'm going to knuckle down and attempt to make some magic happen within the next 28 days. It's on - I'll keep you all updated! I do spend a lot of my time working non-stop; so I think this month I will take it a little easier on myself and try to enjoy my family and life in general... it's WAY too short! I would like to send my personal and most sincere condolences out to the family of the icon Rowdy Roddy Piper who passed on the 1st of the month at a young age of 61. You just never know... I emplore everyone out there to embrace your time above ground. Seriously... stop living in the past - you aren't going in that direction! Let your grudges go... end the hate and just do your thing. Trust me - your quality of life will improve greatly. Furthermore, I have just been informed that a good friend of mine, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I've been informed that Jimmy went in for an operation and 'hopefully' the cancer has been fully removed; however he will have a long road to recovery. He is an extremely strong man - I believe he will be just fine. Again... I ask for everyone out there to just take the time to stop and smell the roses before they are growing on you. Love the one you're with and enjoy your family to the fullest extent! Now that's off my chest, let's continue shall we?

Team Brimstone

So... One thing that I appreciate ALWAYS is the love from my fans around the world! Anyone who would like to be a part of the growing #TeamBrimstone - I'd love to have you aboard. You can find the NEW Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE. No - it is NOT me running that social media; however they are trusted members of the team who I am proud to have working with me! Haha, I wish it could be me who ran it; but my schedule doesn't allow much time to accomplish my social media goals - so a growing group of extraordinary individuals helping me out is VERY appreciated and will not go unrewarded! Team members will have the opportunity to earn signed Brimstone merch, tickets to appearances, private meet & greets with me (when I'm in your area), and other cool opportunities. Again, anyone truly interested in getting involved... please follow those accounts and reach out to the admins who will gladly add you to my rag-tag crew of bad-ass Borderhounds!!!

Also... just wanted to keep everyone in the loop that I am looking to continue building the opportunity for people looking to break into the entertainment industry over at my company, Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group). We have the structure, the know how and the connections to make things happen; however we need funding! That being said - we have been developing a Kickstarter program shortly (I hope) that will be used to create an array of options and opportunity under the wing and watchful eye of myself and Hound. Details will be provided within the campaign on what is needed, why, and where the money funded will be utilized. When it's time to do this - I hope you will all be right there with me... I truly believe that what we are trying to build will change lives.

Anyways... thanks again for getting Etched in Stone here at my BrimBLOG. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there on the road! I'll be at LI Con 2, Taste of the Beach and United Ink Tattoo Show here in New York, Newark Comic Con in New Jersey, Vermont Comic Con in Vermont, Titletown Comics & Entertainment Con in Wisconsin, Comikaze in LA and The Great Allentown Comic Con in Pennsylvania to name a few upcoming cities... remember - if you'd like to see ole' Brim at an event near you, please make sure to have as many people possible e-mail the convention and request them to bring me in as a guest! Trust me - the fans make a difference. Thanks again!!!

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