Feeling Nostalgic... Check out Escape from New Jersey by Chris Notarile

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Published on September 1st, 2015 @ 07:54:00 am , using 274 words, 290 views
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Brimstone as Texas Mike O'Shay

Alright, so I'm sitting and messing around with different features on my BrimBLOG - trying to figure out how to do a few things in order to make things a tad more interesting for all my Borderhounds out there! One thing I am trying to reacquaint myself with, is the entry of video into the Blog. That being said, I needed to test it out... which led me to old vids... which led me to this classic "Fan Film" interpretation of the Escape From New York Series of Films by Director, Chris Notarile - Escape From New Jersey. SO much fun I had filming this series with Chris - fun characters, intended overdramatic and semi-bad acting; just incredible working with this array of great people! Anyway, this sucker is probably about 5 years old at this point and is still as humorous and enjoyable for fans of the original series and Snake Plissken of course! I played the role of Texas Mike O'Shay, a big ole' bad-ass bounty hunter (Seem a bit far fetched?); however I don't appear until the second episode! Now, sit back - relax - and just enjoy it for what it is from the 1st episode. Oh... and make sure to check out his YouTube Channel as well for a TON of great films!

 Ok, now that the stage has been set... the first glimpse of me is is 2:24 in Episode 2.

Yay!!! Haha... if you made it this far - then THANK YOU for watching! Now... if Vampires are your thing - please check out Chris' NEW film, TURNED!!! It looks killer thus far, looking forward to watching the whole thing. Check out the trailer below:

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