Goodbye to 2014 and HELLO to 2015... a Happy Hound New Year!

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BORDERHOUNDS!!! I've got some great news... if you haven't heard already - my company, Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) has opened up a corporate office and retail showroom in Bethpage, New York! But I'll get back to that in just a moment; first I'd like to just say - 2014 was a crazy year for me... it'd been absolutely insane! Towards the end of my touring last year, I was glad to have the opportunity to catch up with my pal Stan Lee and crew (Darren, Yuka & Max) at his Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles. This being my second year attending the event as a featured guest, and my reluctance to do San Diego (it's just a zoo there!); I was excited to have the opportunity to meet and greet my West Coast fans on such a grand platform. Furthermore, the event offers me the opportunity to spend some quality time with a lot of my amazing and talented friends including but not limited to Steve Cardenas, Walter E. Jones & David Yost (Power Rangers), Phil Lamarr (Mad Tv), Ivy DoomkittyLeanna Vamp (Cosplayers), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Michael Zapcic, Ming Chen & Robert Bruce (AMC's Comic Book Men), DMC (Run DMC), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma) - as well as meeting with the variety of companies that I have the privilege of working with and being endorsed by. My time in LA this year was a whirlwind (as usual) and was packed with meetings.

SoOooOoo... a quasi-quick recap will commence in 3... 2... 1

For a guy who's been in entertainment for the better part of four decades - I typically dislike heading out to LA. Not California; however Hollywood specifically. Seriously, I avoid it like the plague! That being said, I had a fantastic time on this go around. I believe that I've found the key to a successful visit to the Westside... killer scheduling! Yep, my schedule was jam packed - literally! So much in fact, that I wouldn't have been able to fit an additional minute into the day even if just to blow my nose! Now for those interested in getting a glimpse into a 'day in the life' of Brimstone - keep reading. I hear from a lot of fans that they'd love to be a fly on the wall during my daily outings; this is now a possibility. One of my meetings while in the sunshine state was with a new celebrity app called, 'Tweet Secret' - which will allow my super-fans; or people who are REALLY curious, the unique opportunity for EXCLUSIVE video content from myself and everyone's favorite sidekick Luscious! Subscribers will not only get to be a fly on the wall; but get SO much more including candid videos with my friends and associates, interactive contests to WIN stuff and things (I love stuff and things), a look into backstage antics, meetings and media visits, exclusive tidbits from the Food Hounds, a look into how to successfully market and brand yourself and/or your business and SO much more! Brimstone on Tweet Secret... Shh... it's a secret (tell EVERYBODY)!

I was joined by Lush (his first time in LA) and our buddy Arash Zandieh for this visit - so it softened the blow of being away from my family on Halloween for the first time ever. After setting up in our location for the weekend - we were already exhausted and hadn't checked into our hotel; but after going for over ten hours; we seriously needed to eat. So we grabbed some dinner at The Yard House with my brutha Steve Cardenas and the ever awesome Winner Twins  - Brit & Bri. Food Hounds... the spot had great atmosphere. I enjoyed a kick-ass Ahi Crunchy Salad that was off-the-hook... tuna seared rare on top of a mouthwatering heaping portion of Asian slaw, greens and crispy wontons - drizzled in a soy vinaigrette. Very delicious indeed! I was honored to receive a piece of original Brimstone art by my neighbor and new friend, glass etching artist, CJ Draden. For those of you who do not know CJ... make sure to check out his unique and macabre take on art - you won't be disappointed! I enjoyed finally meeting Felix from over at one of our digital comics distributors, Comic Fix (kinda like a Netflix for the comic book world - check them out). Lush did an interview for their website - so keep an eye out for it as I'm sure it will be hysterical. I am proud to say that I am now endorsing the Mobil-Juice brand of portable cell phone chargers... PERFECT for the person on the go (like me). I'm totally digging the quick charge and thin design that my new Mobil Juice charger offers me - SO much more convenient than the bulky alternatives. Roll on over to their site and pick one (or two) up; you won't be sorry!

The days went by quickly while signing at Comikaze and the short breaks that I did take away from my set-up were spent in meetings with partners,  licensees and other potential business opportunities. I enjoyed catching up with Edgar, the CEO of 3 Coconut Monkey (Congrats on the new baby my brutha!) - the manufacturer of the Brimstone & Luscious plush dolls. We're now currently working towards the Chibi-Brimstone vinyl collectible that will truly be epic! I also had the pleasure of meeting with the VP of Merchandising for Hot Topic. I'm happy to say that there is interest in moving forward with the Brimstone brand in their stores and I'll keep all of my Borderhounds in the loop as it happens. SO exciting! For those of you who aren't already in the know about our good friends over at CoKreeate - these guys are the current kings of 3D printing! Not only did they re-scan me to make a new and updated Lil' Brim (If you follow me on social media, you know what I'm talking about. #gotBrim); but they also scanned Lush for the first time. Always a pleasure to watch them work and proud that they have recently opened up their brick and mortar location which we visited as well.

After hours are normally filled with VIP party hopping and/or press, and sometimes... when we're lucky eating some delicious food! There was no shortage of things for us to do including attending the official after party at Club Nokia and then heading down to a red carpet launch party for the aforementioned Tweet Secret (Hosted by the Winner Twins). It was a pleasure talking shop at the event with other guests including Ben Woolf aka Meep of American Horror Story: Freakshow. John Morrison (Lucha Underground) and Rampage Jackson (UFC). On the last night of Comikaze,  your 'Main Man from the Wasteland' rolled out of the convention center and met up with my Comic Book Men brothers and headed over to CBS Television City for the live filming of AMC's The Talking Dead. Considering I love the show - I'll have to admit that it was certainly exciting to have been invited! We arrived a couple hours earlier, checked in and made our way up to the green room for a little rest and relaxation. For those of you who frequent my social media (especially my Brimstagram), you'll get an insider's view of all things cool and walker-esque in the 'Green Room' and backstage area. After taking a bunch of great pics in front of the official 'Talking Dead' step-and-repeat, we got comfortable and prepared to watch the week's installment of The Walking Dead. It was nice catching up with Chris Hardwick before heading into the studio as we met briefly at Comikaze last year. The show was an absolute blast and to top it off... we all received a voucher for a FREE Limited Edition 'Lifeless' Walking Dead Guitar courtesy of Artist Series Guitars (If you watch my social meida - you've seen it hanging in my office). It was imperative that I visit my friends at Fogo De Chao: Los Angeles for an unbelievable 5-star dinner (as always). Food Hounds - no joke; if you still have not had the opportunity to visit a Fogo... you have NO idea what you are missing! Haha... perhaps one of the best memories of that specific evening include Steve [Cardenas], Arash and I showing Luscious the sites including visiting my friends at Ripley's Believe It or Not: Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard and the Sunset Strip (Where Lush and I both jammed with the band at the famous Rainbow Room and Steve called a random Elton John fan tiny dancer).

Once Monday came around - it became pure chaos... our schedule was just completely non-stop from 8am until 11pm!!! Thank G-d that we were smart enough to schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner in - otherwise we probably wouldn't have been able to eat! Just for anyone wondering, YES - the boys and I enjoyed a healthy helping of In-N-Out Burger (off the SECRET MENU may I add) while we had the chance. Our meetings included visiting the Loot Crate corporate offices to discuss working with each other. Their set-up is far beyond impressive and I'm excited to say that I signed on as one of their celebrity endorsers and influencers. Speaking of which, would you like to get Loot Crate for only $10.37 - CLICK HERE and use Code: SAVE3 to save on boxes of the coolest gaming, movie, and comic book swag sent right to your door! We spent a good amount of time with our friends over at POW! Entertainment where I was introduced to the Hound's newest addiction... WEEV; Stephen Moyer's new app that they are teaming up with. That being said... now I'm teaming up with WEEV too! It's a fantastic new form of social media that allows 'weevers' the opportunity to leave 7 second replies to each other in string of videos, based on an initial question or challenge. Make sure to follow me there (I'm under, Brimstone... of course) as well as Luscious and other Hound Entertainment Group talent! So, speaking of being at POW!... I couldn't help but to snap a few shots of me sitting in Stan [Lee]'s chair while in his office (You can see a pic by heading over to my Instagram). The day wouldn't have been complete without visiting the new CoKreeate headquarters which was awesome!

Needless to say that when I returned back to the big apple... I was utterly exhausted! However, we still had a few more dates to close out touring for the year before the real craziness began... scouting out the proper location to open up the Hound Entertainment HQ (We're getting there... be patient!). Lush and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the Anniversary of the Great Allentown Comic Con. Made a couple of new friends in David Fielding & Cat Sutherland (Power Rangers) and our darling Uhura; the legendary Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek). I finally finished my touring schedule of 2014 back at home at Winter Con that was held at Resorts Casino in Queens, NY. I must admit that last year was one hell of a roller coaster ride - heck; think about it... I'm now first getting to BrimBLOG about it! Now we get to the last two months of my hectic life.

If you've ever been apartment or house hunting... let me tell you how incredibly difficult it is to find the right place to call home to your business. After a couple of almosts - a few hell no's - and a handful of hmm... maybes; we finally found the right spot in an amazing location! After working our asses off for a couple of months - I can say that we are officially settled and will be holding our grand opening on the showroom side fairly soon! If you'd like to catch the crazy antics of myself and the Hound Entertainment Staff... please make sure to subscribe to my social media channels:

WhoSay * Tencent * TweetSecret * Instagram * WEEV * Twitter * Facebook * Tumblr * Ello

As always... thank you all for your continued support of everything Brimstone! Keep your eyes out for some new releases launching shortly and some killer announcements coming too...!


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