What's up #TeamBrimstone - Your Main Man from the Wasteland is Checking in!

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Published on June 9th, 2015 @ 09:15:00 am , using 748 words, 208 views
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BORDERHOUNDS!!! What is poppin' people? I as usual have had a tremendous amount of things going on all at once - so I have yet again neglected my BrimBLOG. Regardless, I am here right now - so let us seize the moment...

The NEW Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) corporate office and retail showroom (YES - it is open to the public) has been doing great! We have a terrific new staff that I am extremely proud of and I'm excited to watch these pups grow to become full fledged Hounds. I have kept my touring on a minimum at the begininng of this year specifically so that I can focus on building the business. It's been tough being away from all my fans around the country as well as my convention fam; but it IS nice to be around my wife and kids! That being said - if you are in the Long Island, New York area... come by and visit us at 4117 Hempstead Turnpike, Bethpage, New York 11714. You can pick up everything from the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comics, Border-Pups kids books (and over FORTY other Hound comics, kids books, webcomics and novels), my award winning sauces, seasoning and salsa, candy, backpacks, toys, fragrances, t-shirts and a whole heap of other really cool products! You can also get a good 'up close and personal' look at Loot Crate as we always have the four last month's boxes on display in house! If you didn't know before - go to the Loot Crate site [HERE] and type in the code: BRIMSTONE in order to recieve 10% off your entire subscription... that is a pretty cool deal if you ask me.

SO many new and exciting things coming shortly... the collectible Brimstone vinyl will be released within the next month (from what I'm told) by our friends at 3 Coconut Monkey. The recently launched Brimstone candy has been an absolute success - I currently have Wasteland Sand, Forza Infernis and Grub Munchies available and will be launching a few others in the near future... this stuff is like Pokemon - you HAVE to catch them all! Speaking on the subject of food products... this weekend comes the launch of my NEW ULTRA HOT SAUCE appropriately named, Necrocide. The best way to describe this bad boy is hatred, death, anger and the tears of small children all packed into a teeny tiny bottle! Get your hurt on people and give this flavorful burn a try... you'll possibly be sorry (lol). Meanwhile... it looks like we are on the home stretch for the Brimstone and The Borderhounds RPG from Troll Lord Games - it is coming along extremely well and I'm ready to dive right into learning how to play with... well; myself (pun intended).

I wish I had time to write more; but I have to keep it moving!!! Remember, for reference - I NEVER post on websites or message boards (especially wrestling related); so if you happen to see something out there claiming to be... fear not - it isn't me! Haha, if I had the time to spend - I would be better suited writing a BrimBLOG post or working on my social media game (lol). Anyway, the ONLY places that you will ever see me posting are on my Official Website, BrimBLOG and Official Social Media to which you can see a list below...


WhoSay * Tencent * TweetSecret * Instagram * WEEV: @Brimstone * Twitter * Facebook * Tumblr * Periscope: @entrancetohell

Also, as my site is going through a mild overhaul - a bunch of interviews, media and such have not been posted thus far; however they will be soon and if you are interested in checking some recent ramblings of Mr. Stone... you can check out my interviews with Paradelphia [HERE], Geeks with Wives and Capes [HERE] and a review of the Borderhounds by Project Nerd [HERE].

Lastly - for those of you who love Star Wars... I have teamed up with my friends over at the Empire Saber Guild an Official Lucas Film Costuming Club in terms of raising well needed funds for the children of St. Mary's Children's Hospital. This weekend at Eternal Con, the ESG will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE Brimstone Trading Card depicting me as a Sith!!! It is pretty awesome and for a GREAT cause... ANY donation to the charity gets you a card and I'll sign it for you at Eternal Con or any other appearance FREE of charge! 'Nuff said.

Thanks again #TeamBrimstone - I, as always love you all and appreciate your support - whether it big or small... it all helps! Until next time...

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