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The following is a list of Brimstone's students... Some are former, and others are current. None are in any specific order other than alphabetical. Brimstone wishes them all well in all their endeavors whether it be in the world of professional wrestling or otherwise. Best Wishes and G-dspeed!!! Each of you has your own special talents that will take you far in this sport... Remember to never give up your hopes and dreams...
  • Armand DeMuerto
  • "The Aussie" Kris Kildaire
  • Black Dawg
  • Brock Vendetta
  • Cynosura
  • Dan Barry
  • Dean Angel
  • Dickie Rodz
  • "Fly Guy" Evan Spade
  • Hazel
  • JD Lishus
  • John Doe
  • Johnny Ova
  • J-Silva
  • Justin Sane
  • Juvenile Delinquent
  • Kristos
  • Li Kamea / Menace
  • Livewyre / Mike Mondo / Mikey
  • Maxmilyin
  • Ms. Hellfire
  • Nuke
  • "Playgirl" Heather Grey
  • Ru Star / 'Precious'Pat Buck
  • Satana
  • Southern Vinnie Stylin'
  • Spyder
  • Suicyco
  • Superstar
  • SWAT
  • Tank
  • Tek
  • TJ King / Nightmare
  • Trinity Payne
  • Tusk
  • Tyler Payne
  • Tommy King
View View View View View View View Mikey of the Spirit Squad, who was formally known as Livewyre in CMPW / NYWC is back at Ohio Valley Wrestling after an impressive run in the WWE which garnished the WWE Tag Team Titles. I'm sure he will be back in the big show soon.

Former student Ru Star, now working under the name 'Precious' Pat Buck is currently preparing for the big show at Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Johnny Ova... one of CMPW's prize students is an owner / operator of Pro Wrestling Revolution. He is now the protg of WWF Legend - "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and is a well established name in the grand scheme of professional wrestling alongside Manager / Agent Bobby Reidel. Ova also trains in mixed martial arts and submissions under the UFC champion Matt Serra.

Lamar Braxton Porter is also a former student of mine who was originally trained by Paul Loria, and Mikey Whipwreck at the now defunct HWA. Porter has come a long way in this business, and I am looking forward to seeing him move on to bigger and better things!

Dickie Rodz has been the NYWC Champion (3), and I am waiting to watch as his star status explodes. Seeing as Dickie was my first student at CMPW, I have silently watched his progress and could not be prouder. He is a trainer for the current NYWC.

Former student Dan Barry is a trainer for the current NYWC. Barry is one of the best high flyers on the independant circuit. Although we have not seen eye to eye in many years, I am proud of all he has accomplished.

I am currently an assistant trainer for Pro Wrestling Revolution alongside head trainers Demolition Blast, Bobby Reidel, and my former student Johnny Ova. Since joining the ranks of PWR at the beginning of 2007, I have had the pleasure of tightening up the students on the roster. While I could never take full credit for all of their training, I do believe that my presence and assistance in the learning process has been beneficial to them all in one way or another. The following is an incomplete list of the students who I am assisting with their training:
  • Nick Saint
  • Flames
  • Busta Uppa
  • Mike Magnum
  • Jesta
  • Fez
  • BJ Lawton
  • 'Rockin' Brian John
  • Puppet Master
  • Perfection Personified
  • Queen Yasmine
  • TJ Crunk
  • Jesta
  • Draven
  • Reyna Fire
  • Lou Valentino

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