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 Ok… well I can understand that if this is your first time here at the Entrance to Hell it can get pretty darn confusing!  Heck, even long time fans can get lost sometimes trying to get from here to there (including myself at times!).  Therefore I have decided to add this NEW feature to the website… an online tutorial!!!  Just think of it as reading a “Brimstone for Dummies” book.  If you hadn’t  noticed already, I’m one of those annoying entertainers who find it self-serving to name things differently in order to make myself feel important and special (don’t worry, I’m not naming any of my children Apple, Scout  or Pilot Inspecktor).  This simple guide should assist you in enjoying your stay in my world.  So, without further ado…

                 Bio Section:  Ok, this is quite easy to figure out… it’s more or less the “History” section of my career in entertainment spanning over thirty years!  Ugh, I can’t believe I’m this old already… Anyway, for the most part the area is consumed with my years as a professional wrestler; but as time goes on it will begin to include more of everything else too.

                Brimstone Story:  This section used to tell you the mythical story of how Brimstone the character came to exist.  It was a fun read if you had the time, but it was make-believe… I’m not REALLY from Hell (although some people would disagree). Nowadays, the story section sports an all inclusive mini-biography that just so happens to be pretty awesome! The Extended Official Bio needs a serious update; so for now - go with this offering of a brief Brimstone History lesson... trust; you'll thank me!

                Brimstone Official Bio:  Right here is the REAL deal.  This is my “Tale of the Tape,” a brief history lesson ‘chock-full’ of accomplishments.  It’s what we in the industry call a “must have,” because most people in the biz are too lazy to look into one’s background otherwise.  Anyway, as bio's normally do... this one needs a serious updating:  so if you'd be so kind as to visit the Brimstone Story page... I think t will suffice.

                Acting: Film & Video:  This section will pretty much be the “hot-spot” for everything having to do with my acting career.  This is a NEW feature on the website so it is still in “construction” mode… please bear with and keep on coming back to check for constant updates!

                Vital Stats:  A basic breakdown of Brimstone including info on my signature moves, boring wrasslin’ stuff that you probably don’t want to know about me, and a few lists of who-zits and what-zits that are certainly not up to date (it WAS a work in progress you know). As I am semi-retired from the ring (after sixteen years of service) - this section will not be updated; however left as is until I may (probably not) have the opportunity to mess with it and really make it informative. Best thing to do is watch for the Biography (also a work in progress).

                Career Bullets:  For the most part, this area is just a whole bunch of specific moments in my timeline.  I literally just got way too busy to continue updating this section and it is not complete in any sense of the word.  Sometimes it’s fun for me to stop in there and thumb through some old milestone memories.

                Vintage Story:  Whoo-hoo!!  This was the original Brimstone story that graced the initial version of my Official Website circa 2000.  It’s still fun for me to read from time to time… nostalgic!  It is amusing however that some people still use it to represent me.  It’s a silly story people!?!

                Former Students:  Have you ever found yourself playing “Six-Degrees?”  Well, this is more or less a version of that game.  I’ve had the pleasure of ‘showing the ropes’ to an array of students during my tenure in the world of professional wrestling.  Proof is always in the proverbial pudding… so this spot is dedicated to the boys and girls who I’ve spent time in the ring with over the years.  YES, there are pictures of the students and I there as well!

                Brimstone and The Borderhounds Info:  Here you will find the general gist of the awesome, Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book series starring yours truly!  The creative team that has been on this series has been second to none and I'm pleased to be working with some of the most talented professionals in the business including my Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) VP's, Sajad Shah and Marcello Carnevali; as well as the current line-up of Geoffrey Gwin (pencils), Jake Isenberg (inks), Kevin Enhart (colors), Delfine Siobhan-Kanashii (colors) and Shawn Reynolds (letters).  When you have some time, make sure to check out the Official Website at http://www.houndcomics.com

                 Scriptures Section:  In Brimstone-land… Scriptures contain everything from my personal thoughts on the BrimBLOG, current News and the many interviews, postings, etc. that I have compiled over time.  This area is continuing to grow; it will just take some time to get content there considering there is SO much… which I think is a good thing!  This area also includes some info on various television appearances and a “More Brimstone” spot that details a bunch of my travels.  My amazing webmaster Frank Lamberti and I will hopefully be able to figure out a way to keep all this current as I try and document everything. Another good place to check for current media is at http://www.houndcomics.com - all of my current stuff is up there... Boo-yah!

                Brimstone’s News:  Self explanatory I think?  This spot should be updated on the regular to keep you the reader up to date on any BREAKING NEWS.

                BrimBLOG:  From the feedback that I’ve received, most of my fans love this personal spot on the site.  It is where I personally rant and rave about whatever is going on in my head at the time, or detailing an event that I attended, etc.  It’s a blog people… you get the gist!  It is the one place where you can keep up with me on a regular basis (so my friends and family tell me).

                Interviews & Postings:  A collection of interviews from around the internet.  I wish I had kept them all, but alas… I didn’t!

                Links to Hell:  Here lies a basic guide to Everything Brimstone on the World Wide Web… No, I did not link everything here but there is plenty to keep you busy!  I’ve included a bunch of links to ‘Brim-approved’ websites as well as sites that belong to some of my friends.

                Magazine Gallery:  A collection of publications and flyers concerning Brimstone.  Again, a work in progress…

                Radio Interviews:  A collection of a few of the radio interviews that I was able to get my grubby little hands on.  You can find a ton of them on the internet if you are really that interested or curious… by now I’d be sick of me already!!!

                Television:  A recap and ‘behind the scenes’ view of a handful of chosen television appearances.

                More Brimstone:  A recap of a plethora (YES I said it… a PLETHORA) of appearances and experiences.  I’m way behind on these as my webmaster and I need to figure out how to make it work ‘better’ on the site (considering how many entries there are), but there are a ton over there right now.

                 Entrance to Hell:  It’s the Photo Gallery… pull up a chair and stay awhile!

                 Visuals:  A page dedicated solely to Brimstone artwork including some exceptional artists that I’ve featured.  Also includes a small gallery of Fan Art.  I’d like to eventually expand this area to include a larger display of artwork from my fans of all ages.

                 Media:  Get your fix of Brimstone related video and audio in this section.  Again, a work in progress!  When the site was originally built, there was no such thing as ‘embedding video’ or fancy schmancy ‘internet radio’,  yadda yadda yadda… therefore, we are trying to update to the times!  Bear with me!

                 Extras:  A whole bunch of downloadable FREE goodies!!!  FREE, did I mention they are FREE?!?

                 What’s Next?:  The hands down, “Official Schedule” of Brimstone

                 Get Burned:  The Brimstone General Store… pick up your autographed photos, cool buttons, blankets, trading cards and a whole lot more!

                 Contact:  Are you a business owner, casting agent, or just a fan who wants to say howdy… visit here.

                 Mailing List:  Ever ask yourself, “Why wasn’t I invited to that?”  How about, “Why didn’t I know about that?”  Sign up for the FREE Brimstone Mailing List and get advance notice on special appearances, launches and events.

                 Legal:  A bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo that my list of attorneys tell me I have to have on all my web properties.  If you are a friendly guest, you don’t need to worry about any of this stuff.